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1. Before you start: remove all the “U” shaped edging stakes on the existing metal edging.This is best done with gloves and pliers.

Installation Instructions on Metal Edging:

2. Start at one end and press Guard-n-Edge™ firmly over the metal edging.
If needed, use only a soft faced mallet to tap Guard-n-Edge™ into place.

3. Install the “U” shaped edging stakes over Guard-n-Edge™ to secure edging.
(One stake per linear foot is recommended.)

4. Continue to install using the same method, one piece at a time until entire
edging is complete.

Cutting Guard-n-Edge™

A hacksaw can be used to cut Guard-n-Edge™ to any desired length. Another method is to score the flex joint at the desired length on both sides with a utility knife and then simply break Guard-n-Edge™ on the scored joint.

Installing Guard-N-Edge™ End Protector

Start the end protector spike over the corner of the metal edging and then use a soft faced mallet to pound into place. Secure with standard “U” shaped edging stakes.

**Do not pound on this product to force metal edging into the ground**

Caution: Always wear proper protective safety apparel

and eye protection when installing this product

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