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After hearing numerous horror stories about people and pets being rushed to emergency centers bleeding from deep cuts and injuries caused by metal edging while playing in their own backyard, Scott Wilson put his mind to work. Metal edging is commonly used in landscaping to separate grass from garden, and that’s where the danger lies. Scott wanted to create a product to keep pets and people safer. An engineer by trade, Scott brainstormed and worked to develop a product that would make our yards a safer place to play and work. After 3 years and 12 revisions, he was finally satisfied. In 2006 Ren Concepts, the parent company launched Guard-n-Edge™, a decorative, protective cover for sharp, dangerous landscape edging.  This super tough polymer material withstands the hardiest of conditions to protect children and pets from the harm caused by metal edging in their own backyard.

Imagine, your child playing tag with neighborhood friends and one accidentally steps on the metal edging used by many landscapers to separate the grass from the garden. What if your child or pet didn’t have to endure this?

Guard-n-Edge™ is an easy to install and cost effective way to protect your family and pets!!! Guard-n-Edge™ is a decorative, protective cover for sharp, dangerous landscape edging. Easy to install, this safety cover comes in a variety of colors.


  • Durable, protective cover

  • Easy to install

  • Super tough high impact polymer material

  • UV inhibitor to resist sun damage

  • Used by professional landscapers, as well as, do-it-yourself-homeowners

  • Turns any lawn with dangerous metal edging into a safe and decorative environment

  • Perfect for your family and pet safety

  • Manufactured in Colorado.

The Guard-N-Edge Story


"As a veterinarian, I am very impressed with the Guard-n-Edge™ product, its durability and easy application. As my feelings are strong for the pets and clients I see, I would like to be able to introduce your product to them in hopes of avoiding the many lacerations and severe tendon injuries caused by metal lawn edging. . as well as getting them out there to fix the problem sooner then later..You would not believe the number of repeat offenders we have seen."

-Michael Georgiades, DVM,
 Just for Paws Veterinary Hospital

"We had a thin plastic cover on our metal edging that we thought would be fine.  Then we got a puppy that got large and liked to chew everything, including the plastic covers off the edging.  I had a dog growing up that sliced the tendons above his foot on metal edging while chasing a squirrel, so I wanted to keep that from happening to our new dog.  






Found Guard-n-Edge online while researching my options and ordered a couple 30ft bundles and end pieces.  It was fairly easy to install.  A bit of work getting the grass, rocks, or dirt out of the way to install it on the edging in some areas.  But it was way easier than putting all new edging in.  It costs more than the all new plastic edging at the big box stores, but my dog 

would have chewed that stuff up in an instant.  I only ordered about half of what I needed to test it out for a while, and I'm about to order the rest.  These are made of thick, durable looking plastic that my dog has put her teeth on a couple times, soon after putting them on, and she has ignored them since. I installed them with edging pins at the ends of each 3ft section and every foot inside the sections to keep the dog from being able to pull them off.  I like the thicker looks of it over the plastic or fold over metal edging, it creates a sharper visual line between the lawn and other areas."


-John Brailsford 

September 2017

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